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Advantages of Hybrid Cars

Why choosing Suzuki Hybrid over Petrol engine is a better investment

  • Lower Running Costs
    You will notice the reduced costs of running a HYBRID versus a non-hybrid petrol model.
  • Lower CO2 Emissions
    The electric motor does some of the driving and therefore takes load off the petrol engine, means greater efficiency and less CO2.
  • No Charging Required
    The car charges the battery itself, by recovering energy that would normally be lost during braking and deceleration and storing it in a second battery - so you don't need to think about it.
  • A Smoother Drive
    The engine restart is smoother and quieter than in cars with a traditional starter motor. The HYBRID system also helps to improve performance by enhancing the engine’s torque output at low RPM.
  • You Don't Have To Change Anything About How You Drive
    All you have to do in your Suzuki HYBRID is drive it as you've driven every other car, enjoying the smoother, more efficient performance, all the while saving a few pennies.